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Our Quality Policy

Geoalquim Ltda., in agreement with its vision and strategic plan, recognizes its quality control system as a key aspect of any business deal, for this reason, a constant revision and updating of the system has been made an object of priority within the company.

On the basis of these ideals and a goal of constant improvement, Geolaquim Ltda. offers the following permanent objectives:

  • Our Service is delivered with the best quality, reliability and timeliness in order to comply with the expectations of our clients.
  • Our team holds an agreement with the Enterprise to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality control system.
  • Our process uses infrastructure, equipment and machines in accordance with the latest advances in technology and the best practices in relation to security, work-place health and the environment.
  • Our quality policy and objectives are continually revised and updated and communicated throughout the entire organization to ensure that they are understood and put into practice, proportioning adequate resources for their attainment.

Management holds strong convictions that these objectives, founded in the values and principles that drive Geolaquim Ltda. constitute fundamental pillars on which to sustain the development of the enterprise and as such, it is the responsibility of each and every employee to comply with the current quality policy.


ISO 9001:2008

Since March of 2004, Geolaquim Ltda. has been certified under the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard and its 2005 and 2008 versions by Det Norske Veritas as stated in the certificate N° 09254-2004-AQ-ROT-RvA and must realize the annual audits required by the system with the goal of continually improving the processes under which Geolaquim Ltda. functions.

The quality control system of Geolaquim Ltda. covers the activities of “Commercialization, Mechanical Preparation and Chemical Analysis of Mineral Samples” from the evaluation and generation of estimates / values, to the production process and control and dispatch of the above mentioned items.


Data Administration

Geolaquim Ltda., with the goal of bringing reliable service and adequate quality control to its clients, considers analytical information to be its essential product. For this reason, the enterprise has developed its own Analytical Data Administration System.

PLUSMANAGER controls the process from the reception of samples from clients to the generation of certificates of results, passing through the creation of work orders, the attainment of automatic information from distinct mechanisms (scales, atomic absorption, LECO) to calculate the analyses realized and visualization of statistical graphs for the process quality control at a global level, among other steps.

Our system holds the following principal advantages:

  • Work order entry.
  • Creation of internal documents.
  • Obtainment of information from devices.
  • Quality control.
  • Generation of certificates of results.
  • Administration of cost estimates.
  • Generation of payment statements.
  • User and action control.

The principal units of our system are:

  • Income, maintenance and control of quality.
  • Reading.
  • Finances.